Our Story

7 years ago our lives looked very different than it does today. We found ourselves stuck in the repetitive cycle called “life” and we couldn’t escape. We were living at my moms house and I was teaching dance classes making $70 a week and my wife, Regina was working at a bank job, the same job she had before she went to college, only to get out of college with $70,000 in student debt and back at the same bank job.

We did what our parents said to do, We graduated high school, went to college got married and it was still hard to make ends meet.

Flash forward to today, we purchased 3 houses, paid off $70,000 in student debt, run a successful business in San Diego, I was recognized as one of the top realtors under the age of 30 in the entire country and we are truly living the life we dreamed of.

Our lives changed when we were introduced to the Vision Board.

The vision board is tool that allows your goals, dreams and aspirations to stay front and center so that one day you will live the incredible life you envision on your board.

In the entrepreneur world, we found that the tools of the successful have all been revolutionized, the planner, the computer, cell phone but the only one that has remained unchanged and archaic is the vision board... up until now!

We are proud to announce we have revolutionized the biggest tool of successful and that is the Vision board.

We are proud to present the Incrediboards.

What my team and I have created is the very first, aesthetically pleasing Vision Board that will grow alongside you as you accomplish your dreams now and for many years to come.